Casino online agent exam eligibility details

Casino online agent exam eligibility criteria

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Casino online agent exam eligibility age

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Casino online agent exam eligibility engineering

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Casino online agent exam eligibility

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Medical Office Cleaning Medical Office Cleaning Fort Myers

In the cleaning industry, a cleaning company which you may hire is commonly referred to as a BUILDING SERVICE CONTRACTOR or BSC for short. You have many choices when choosing a method of maintaining your building. There are primarily four different categories from which to choose.

  1. Service your facility in-house
  2. Service your facility with a Class “C” BSC.
  3. Service your facility with a Class “B” BSC.
  4. Service your facility with a Class “A” BSC.
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When dealing with a Class “C” BSC (commonly known as the low-baller) most companies choose these types of services based strictly on price. Performance is usually very inconsistent, and many times non-existent. Trying to reach someone by telephone usually results in an answering machine or voice mail with no call returned. These types of services never allow enough time to properly clean a facility. Supervision is minimal and employee turnover is high. Pilferage is not uncommon among these types of services because of the high turnover and lack of proper screening.

Pay rates are lower with these companies, which makes it difficult for them to attract the quality of personnel needed to properly service your facility. The irony of this type of setup is that when someone hires a class “C” company in an attempt to cut costs they now pay $500 per month for a job that should cost $750 per month. However, when only fifteen to twenty percent of the job is complete, suddenly $500 per month becomes quite expensive. This is the common scenario among Class “C” BSC’s.

When dealing with a Class “B” BSC, which encompasses most BSC’s, you overcome some of these issues. Pilferage is not as common with a Class “B” service. However, it is not non-existent. Performance is improved as long as the Owner or Manager is present on the job each and every time. When a complaint arises and the BSC is contacted many times the Supervisor or Manger for your building is out on another job or cannot take your call. Reaching someone in person who handles your account is usually very difficult.

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Most Class “B” services allow more time than Class C services but still not enough. The most common complaints with Class “B” services include inconsistent quality, excessive absenteeism, frequent personnel changes and door locking and/or alarm problems. Most companies choose a Class “B” service over a Class “C” service for the obvious reasons, all the while knowing that a Class “A” service is what they desire. Once a company is fed up with the problems and headaches with these services is when they look to the fourth and final choice. When dealing with a Class “A” BSC suddenly all of these problems disappear. Performance and quality are unsurpassed.

Quality of personnel is of the highest standard because pay rates are higher and supervision and training is state of the art. Extensive background checks, qualifications and job history verification assures you that only the best will be servicing your facility. When the occasion arises involving an issue that needs extra attention, the Class “A” BSC, will answer your phone call in-person. With a Class “A” BSC you will have many sources of communication including office telephone, fax, cellular telephone and pager, all of which are answered personally by the company, not an answering service or machine.

Class “A” services take into account the total time needed to make your facility look the way it should. We have the qualifications and tools that only years of experience in the business can provide. All of our personnel have cellular phones on them in order to remain in constant contact with management. Absenteeism is simply not an issue. Inconsistent quality is not an issue. Pricing for a Class A service usually varies little from a Class B service. As a matter of fact, when you look at what you get for your money, there is simply no comparison.

If you’re like most companies, you are fed up with excuses and empty promises from your BSC. If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. Most people spend more time at work than they do at home. However, many companies tolerate a level of cleanliness at work which they would never tolerate in their own homes. To create a positive work environment you and your employees need and deserve a clean and well maintained workplace.

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